Digital and sustainable enterprising skills for NEETS from marginalized communities

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Welcome to the Certification Center of the ENTRENEET Erasmus+ project. This platform is designed to equip young people (18-29) across Greece, Spain, and Romania with the skills and knowledge needed to not just survive, but thrive in today’s world.

If you identify as a NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training), this is your chance to break the mold. Our three comprehensive modules offer targeted training in digital entrepreneurship, community engagement, and fundraising – all crucial skills for building a fulfilling and impactful life.

Whether you’re a “temporary NEET” seeking a stepping stone or a “long-term NEET” ready to re-engage, we’ve got you covered. Our curriculum is tailored to meet diverse needs, including those from ethnic minority backgrounds and those with family responsibilities.

But we don’t stop there. We recognize the crucial role of NGOs and youth facilitators in supporting NEETs. That’s why our certification schemes are designed to be easily integrated into your existing programs, amplifying your impact and reach.

Explore our modules below, unlock your potential, and become part of a growing network of young leaders who are shaping the future of their communities.

Module 1 – Digital & sustainable enterprising skills for NEETs

Learning objectives:

Familiarization with the opportunities offered by digital enterprising

Development of digital and sustainable enterprising competences

Raised awareness of real-world applicability

Increased sense of ability and self-worth

Topics covered:

Environmentally sustainable and responsible business models

From (digital) startup to scale-up

Overview of the different skills needed in digital enterprising

Real-world success stories from the field, including former NEETs

EntreComp & DIgComp competences

Module 2 – Integration and community engagement skills for NEETs

Learning objectives:

Raised awareness of community and engagement importance

Raised awareness of personal potential

Overview of skills necessary in integration, engagement, and outreach

Development of skills relevant to integration and community engagement

Raised awareness of the applicability of gained skills in other fields

Topics covered:

The importance of community engagement with peers

Overview of the skills and strategies for outreach and engagement

How-to courses for integration and community engagement skills

Module 3 – Community-driven fundraising for NEETs' initiative

Learning objectives:

Awareness of available formal and informal ways to finance projects Education on skills and techniques for successfully sourcing funds Overview of real-world examples of successful community-driven fundraising Group organizing and teamwork Heightened sense of community and opportunity

Topics covered:

The key importance of financing and fundraising

The availability and diversity of financing resources

The methods, opportunities, techniques, and skills for informal fundraising

Examples of successful fundraising


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